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Girls for Environment “G4E”

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Girls for Environment “G4E”

Girls for Environment “G4E”


Girls for Environment “G4E”, is a new project under CA’s Environmental Education for Children program/ initiative, that will strategically focus on the initiation of a new proactive young people’s movement, who are responsive to the environment and ready to take up the task of stewardship at home and the society at large.
Ghana today is sinking in solid and liquid waste problems and increasing at an alarming rate, yet very little is being done to curb the situation. It is easy to feel discouraged when awoken to the environment’s declining health, due to poor waste disposal practices and management; but, what keeps us fighting for a healthy world is the future of our children. They should not have to inherit our environmental problems and in order to keep their future bright, environmental awareness and protection/ stewardship for sustainable development is imperative.
The girl child in our part of the world is often treated as inferior and socialized to put themselves last, thus undermining their self-esteem. Discrimination and neglect in childhood produces a lifelong downward spiral of deprivation and exclusion from the social mainstream.
It is in this light that, Conservation Alliance (CA), an environmental organisation, is undertaking this project to involve our young minds; particularly the girl child in the sensitisation of our society by proactively tackling key environmental issues in our communities, that the future generation may enjoy a healthy, safe and prosperous life.


1. The core objective of this project will be to establish a growing movement of proactive environmental stewards (G4E CLUB), to build a firm foundation on which the general public might be awoken to “environmental awareness” and sensitized to the importance of environmental protection and management.
Other specific objectives include:
2. To strengthen attitudes, values and actions which are compatible to sustainable development.
3. To create publications suitable to build and disseminate awareness on conservation and local environmental issues among school children, the domestic and community levels.
4. To empower the girl child by involving Eco club members in open-orientation programs in schools and public areas while creating a “clean and green consciousness” among students through various innovative methods.