Public Policy Development and Analysis

Public policy development and analysis is a key focus area for Conservation Alliance International (CA), driven by its commitment to biodiversity conservation and enhancing the livelihoods of local communities. CA actively engaged in various initiatives, including the development of a roadmap to help extractive companies mitigate their impacts through the Community Resettlement and Biodiversity Project. Additionally, CA played a significant role in shaping policy around cocoa certification standards through the Cocoa Certification Project. Since 2009, CA made notable contributions to the development of biodiversity and related policies. Detailed summaries of activities contributing to policy development include.  

  • Community resettlement and Biodiversity use project

As the chair of the National Biodiversity Offset Committee and in partnership with the EPA, CA developed a roadmap to assist extractive companies to offset their impacts from 2015 to 2021. This project intends to help communities affected by Newmont’s mining activity, as well as to expand mining into existing communities.

  • Cocoa Certification Project

Conservation Alliance International (CA) supported the development of policy for the cocoa industry in Ghana and in particular the cocoa certification standards.

  • Partnership

Being a member of the National Biodiversity Steering Committee and the Cocoa-Forest Initiative in Ghana, Conservation Alliance International (CA) contributed to developing biodiversity and related policies from 2015 to 2020.