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Conservation Alliance currently works in 6 West African Countries- Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroun. With cocoa programs dotted in all these countries, CA works with its affiliate farmer Group, Conservation Cocoa Association, which has become the vehicle for changing farmers attitudes towards cocoa production and also a means to ensure that the farmers are recognized in the cocoa value change through their interaction with other players in the value chain, education and capacity building programs, and access to markets.

In each country that CA is present, there is a country office which is managed by a Country Manager who may oversee several field offices. These field offices are usually in the communities where the farmers are located. This is to allow easy access of the facilities at the office and technical information through the field by farmers. The field offices are managed by the Project Coordinator and his field officers.

  1. GHANA OFFICE. OFFICE : No. 13 Afari Djan Street, ECOMOG Avenue – Haasto, Accra. About 10mins drive from Haasto- Atomic Road. TEL:+ 233 244 277795.  EMAIL:
  2.  NIGERIA OFFICE. OFFICE :  94 Oyemekun Rd; Opposite the Ministry of Works,   Akure, Ondo State. TEL: +234 (0) 803 2232848   /   +234 (0) 803 154 3938. EMAIL:
  3.  SIERRA LEONE OFFICE. OFFICE: Conservation Alliance-Sierra Leone, No 56, Milton Margai Road, Goderich- Free town – Sierra Leone.
  4.  CAMEROUN OFFICE. OFFICE: Conservation Alliance-Camerron, C 36 Zone A Bonamoussadi, P.O.BOX 15070, Daula Cameroon.
  5.  COTE D’IVOIRE OFFICE. OFFICE: Conservation Alliance- Cote D’ivoire, Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques en Cote D’ivoire, 01 BP 1303 Abidjan 01, Cote D’ivoire
  6.  LIBERIA OFFICE. OFFICE: Conservation Alliance-Liberia, Tubman Boulevard Monrovia, Liberia.