Communication and Advocacy

Conservation Alliance International raises public understanding of issues including climate change, biodiversity conservation, sanitation, renewable energy, and advocacy through outreach, education, and advocacy. The usual methods used to accomplish this project are workshops, radio and television publicity, and poster contests. Conservation Alliance International is proud to have carried out initiatives such as:

  • The Little Green Hands Project, which aimed to raise children’s understanding of environmental issues. The intention was to instill in today’s youth a sense of environmental responsibility and caring.
  • ENFAL Project: Enhancing Community Participation in Natural Resources Management, this project was aimed at improving forest and tree management practices by cocoa farmers, community resource management areas and forest reserve managers to reduce forest loss and degradation in some selected landscapes through communication, training and advocacy.
  • UTZ certification of cocoa farmers within Kakum Conservation Areas: Conservation alliance, through advocacy and awareness creation encouraged farmers within the landscape to practice certified cocoa whilst driving good agricultural practices
  • ICT for extension services for youth in cocoa farming: Conservation Alliance encouraged farmers to utilize information communication technology to enhance extension services for youth farmers fringing the Ankasa Conservation Area.