The wealth of CA is the multi-disciplinary team of committed staff behind it. CA -Ghana employs over 58 interdisciplinary team made of professionals of various expertise. Our team members have a wide experience and expertise, in the various facets of agriculture development from small scale farm development to value added agro enterprise activities. CA staff members have hands-on experience as trainers and also proven hands-on involvement in various value chain and agriculture sector studies. The organizational structure of Conservation Alliance consists of Board of Directors, Country Director, Technical Director, Program Managers, Advocacy and Communications, Project Coordinators, IT Manager, Finance, Transport and Logistics Manager, Human Resource and Administration. CA-Ghana brings on board knowledge and understanding of the Ghanaian cultural context in all its interventions. CA’s local presence is also enhanced by the presence of multiple field offices across the country. Using the landscape approach, the field offices have field staffs who work with thirty (30) volunteers (both local and international) and are supervised by the Project Coordinators. A 6 member Board of Directors govern CA. The Board is responsible for the running of the organization.  The Country Director has managerial responsibility for the organization and is accountable to Board of Directors for the work of the organization. CA has 5 other offices in West Africa which includes; Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire and Cameroon, each country office has dedicated staff similar to that of Ghana. But the overall coordination of CA’s work is done by the CA office in Accra-Ghana.  


  • Adequate qualified and hardworking staff. Graduates and professionals recruited to work with CA
  • Standard office accommodation.
  • Strong internal control measures (Financial and Management controls.) Financial and Administrative are in place.
  • Very Low rate of labour turnover. Staff members do not leave the organization frequently.
  • Working capabilities in building partnership with other organizations, Government agencies and civil society.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to work