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Integrating Ecosystem and Biodiversity Data

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Integrating Ecosystem and Biodiversity Data

With funding from Biodiversity Information for Development programme, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Secretariat has announced the selection of 18 projects led by institutions representing countries. The two-year project is to mobilize policy-relevant biodiversity data across a range of topics including human health, agriculture and food security, protected areas, threatened species and collections digitization.

Conservation Alliance as the lead organization from Ghana is implementing a project dubbed “Integrating ecosystem and biodiversity data to assist national development planning”. Data for species is especially limited for Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) in Ghana that lie outside designated protected areas, which leads to bias in spatial planning and development that can exacerbate biodiversity loss. This project will mobilize occurrence and checklist data from off-reserve areas on priority endemics, economically important and threatened species, alien plants and lesser known taxa of flora and fauna.

 The project seeks to support the Biodiversity Information Management Forum to become a community of practice for biodiversity data mobilization and policy mainstreaming by building capacities in data mobilization and key biodiversity assessment.