Blue Economy

Marine, coastal, freshwater and wetland ecosystems are among the most productive but vulnerable ecosystems in the world. Heavy reliance on these ecosystems, including over exploitation are accounting for the dramatic changes. Conservation Alliance International seeks to protect the coastal, marine, freshwater and wetland ecosystems through an integrated approach for socio-economic improvement, climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as widening biodiversity conservation targets.

  • Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into the coastal and fishery production landscape to promote sustainability across the Marine production landscapes in Ghana.
  • Restoration of mangrove and wetland ecosystems including Songor, Muni – Pomadze, and Densu wetlands through a community-based approach.
  • Assessing the ecological integrity of the Southern Coastal landscape from 2018 to 2020. Supported by Satoyama, and EPA.
  • Promoting good fishing practices and sustainable oyster harvesting in the Songor and Densu wetlands.
  • Promoting sustainable fishing and oyster harvesting practices and processing, safe fish certification, and mangrove restoration along coastal communities within the Western and Central Regions of Ghana
  • Promotion of additional livelihoods financial and social inclusion practices and alternate fuel wood cultivation among fishing communities within Ada and Densu wetlands.
  • Management of freshwater and marine invasive species within the aquatic ecosystems.