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Education, Communication & Gender Development

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Education, Communication & Gender Development

Education, Communication & Gender Development

Advancing gender equality, including through women’s empowerment and valuing the unique knowledge, roles and capacities of all people, is key to effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable environmental solutions. CA champions a gender-responsive approach across its programme portfolio, identifying and overcoming gender gaps across sectors and at all levels, to enable better natural resource governance and conservation outcomes.

CA also advocates for the creation of sustainable solutions through leading communication, learning and knowledge management and the wider conservation community.

– Girls for Environment

Girls for Environment “G4E”, is a new project under CA’s Environmental Education for Children program/ initiative, that will strategically focus on the initiation of a new proactive young people’s movement, who are responsive to the environment and ready to take up the task of stewardship at home and the society at large.

– Little Green Hand

Little  Green  Hands,  an  annual  environmental  program  designed  to  provide  the  platform  for children to learn about the environmental issues that persistently confront the country. This year, the  program  sought  to  present  school  children  the  opportunity  to  understand  the  underlying causes  of  the  sanitation  challenges  facing  the  country  and  its  possible  remedies.  Waste management was a major focus for this year.